About UPD8

Hello, we are a company that is part of the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise competition (https://www.jaiom.im/), our company (UPD8, pronounced up-da-te) is planning to undergo a massive project of designing and producing our own game called ‘Requiem’ to enter the competition, our small team of six are trying their hardest to make sure that all elements of the game are the best that they can be.

Requiem is a pixelated ‘thriller’ or ‘horror’ game that will be released in chapters, this will most likely be five chapters each one focusing on two of the seven characters in the game at one time as they progress around a haunted museum with the fifth chapter being the finale, this is the most efficient way for us to develop the game.

The game will involve puzzles to progress through the different stages of the museum, creatively using the museum’s exhibits and history to create different types of puzzles progressing in difficulty as you progress through the museum without becoming too much of a challenge that it becomes infuriating, allowing for an altogether more pleasant gaming experience

Each character is unique in their motivations and personalities creating a diverse range of characters allowing the gamer to connect and relate to at least one of the seven main characters.

In terms of horror, instead of the game using ‘jump scares’ to scare the gamer there will be a sense of unease, dread or simple fear to make the player feel uneasy or jumpy

Our team of 6 will also be producing and creating:
-The music
-The backgrounds
-The sprites
-The promotional art

All support is very much appreciated. You can follow us on the links below.

-The UPD8 team